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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page?
It is a page where you can find answers to commonly asked questions.
What is a rare (item)?
There are many definitions of what constitutes a rare item in UO. Basically it is any item which is not commonly available.
What is this I hear about (insert type) rares?

There are different types of rares. Here
is an explanation of the most commonly
used terms:

  • True Rare- A rare that is of very high value and is in very limited supply
  • Semi-Rare- A rare which is not really rare. It has a very low value and usually spawns regularly.
  • Daily Rare- A rare that spawns once a day. More Info
  • Unique Rare- A rare which is one of a kind. Most times they are quest gifts.
  • Server Birth Rare- A rare which only spawned once, when the shard was first brought online.

Where can I get (insert item) rare?

How can I get a rare?

Unfortunately a lot of rares don't spawn. If you want any true rares you will end up having to buy them from other players, that is if you can find the one you want for sale. You can try for daily rares. With AOS there are new rares called artifacts which spawn in dungeon Doom.

Click here for information on artifact spawns

I have a rare, how much is it worth?

I don't know if the item I have is a rare, where can I find more information?

You can browse our Item Catalog and try to find the item. You could also do a search of our site. If all else fails feel free to post on our messageboards and someone will reply with information on your item.
I wish to sell my item, how should I do it?

Unfortunately where there is money there are scammers. Scamming people out of their rares is rather common but can easily be avoided with the right information. Click here for a guide on how to help protect yourself from scams and hackers.

It may be hard to find a buyer for your rare at the Main Britain Bank. It would be much better to post your sale on a trade forum. We recommend www.rpgtradespot.com/uo, you can also try posting on uo.tradespot.net or the stratics trade forum.

I want to send you a picture, how do I do it?

I want to post a picture for others to see, how do I do it?

Click here for basic instructions on how to take your picture and/or posting it on the messageboards.

I wish to submit some information, how do I do it?

I have a question, who do I ask?

Feel free to use our Contact Form.

When is the maintenance times for my shard?

How do I know what time my shard will come up so I can get some daily rares?

Questions will be added as they come up.

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