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Click Below for a map of all known Doom Rares.

With the Age of Shadows expansion the largest and newest dungeon in UO was added: Dungeon Doom. With this new dungeon came a new type of rare spawning system, a first for UO. In this system rares (known as artifacts) spawn on timers based on rarity levels. Unlike the daily rares we are used to, these timers can be anywhere from 75 minutes (rarity 1) to 30 days (rarity 10) and even beyond that (rarity 12).

It is rather easy to acquire these items. Just be the first to find the item and then steal it. If you have only GM stealing it could take hundreds of tries to steal just one artifact. To be a successful artifact hunter your should have a minimum of 110 stealing (115 or up is advisable).

Not only does an artifact hunter have to deal with competition from other hunters, but there are many monsters which can spell certain death. Particularly nasty are the Devourer of Souls and Bone Demons which can both strike you down in one hit. Also be very weary of Ravengers and Patchwork Skeletons which can dismount you. Keep an eye out for other dangerous creatures such as Skeleton Dragons, Rotting Corpses, Lich Lords and their apprentice Lichs, and many other creatures.

One of the most rewarding and frustrating parts of this system is the waiting. In a split second one could obtain an item worth 10 million gold. But one could also fail to steal the object and watch in agony as a competitor swoops in and takes it. The key to minimize this frustration is to figure out when the artifact your going for will spawn and minimize the time you spend camping. An easy way to do this is to ask people when the last spawn was, but be careful for people who will try and trick you with false information. Here are a few more tips to help you along your way:

- Obtain stealing jewelry to get in the game early, but don't forget to keep training up your skill when possible

- Max out your physical resistance so you may survive a hit from Devourers (but you will may not survive another so get away quickly)

- Insure your items right after you obtain them, nothing worse then losing that saddle after waiting so long for it to spawn (true story)

- If other hunters are gathered around a spawn location chances are that item will be spawning soon

- While waiting for an artifact to spawn hide, this will keep other hunters from becoming suspicious

- If you see some competitors sitting around chatting don't be afraid to listen in, sometimes you can gather useful information from them

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