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Xanther's War Room

The first question that is always asked of us is: "Xanthar, How many accounts do you have?", well, the answer is 38 Total. Of the 38, 32 are Active, Registered under my name, and paid for by myself, the other 6 were given away as gifts to return should the owners ever leave the world of Ultima Online.

The next question that is always asked of us is a form of the following...."Xanthar, How many computers do you have?", or, "Xanthyrella, How can you have so many characters on the screen without timing out?". Well, the following pictures are a glimpse into our War Room.

Xanther's War Room

The Above picture shows the 'corner' part of the War Room. My wife, Xanthyrella, sits on the left, and I sit on the right. This allows us to both be close enough together that we can glimpse at each others computers, as well as come to each others aid in fights. Our two main fighting computers (which are the fastest) have the 21" Monitors on them.

The first Four computers can be seen in this picture. The main computers are both showing scenes from Wintermoor (the left hand one showing the Rune library and the right hand one showing the Southern Museum). The computer under the laptop control the Roger Wilco Hosting, Email and ICQ services. It is on a separate network and separate internet connection for saftey. Behind this machine is also the Router and Firewall for both networks. The Sony Laptop itself shows the Shadowlord Faction Stronghold. This is to watch the Shadowlords and keep an eye on sigil movement in the warfare of Factions. The monitor that is "higher" up is showing the Minax base (it is a little dark). This is how the 2nd stronghold can be watched.

Xanther's War Room

The above image depicts the Left hand side view of the War Room. This view allows us to get a glimpse of the 2nd Laptop just to the right of my (Xanthar's) main workstation. This laptop is showing the 3rd Faction Stronghold of the True Britannians in the city of Britain. Finally, you can see the KVM Switches best from this view. If you look straight down the desk, you will see a small black box near the mouse with various yellowish buttons. Those are the KVM switches that allow us to change views on the monitors with various computers. This is why you do not see one keyboard and one mouse for each computer we have. A KVM switch allows you to run multiple computers with only one keyboard and one mouse.

Xanther's War Room

This View depicts the right hand side of the War Room. Here the 7th and 8th computers can be seen, as well as the makeshift 9th computer - The TV set. When needed (such as faction guarding nights, a laptop with TV out is hooked up to the TV set in an effort to give us warning of attacks). The 7th and 8th computers (down on the right hand side corner) are mostly used to help with power hours as well as keeping characters such as tamers online so that their Dragons don't go wild.

Xanther's War Room

Finally, here is a view from the right hand side of the War room itself. As a inspiration to the war effort, you will notice the Klingon Batliff Weapon hanging on the wall......

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