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Historical Spawn Heading

Vase, Large Shadowed

The Vases are perhaps one of the most sought after items for any rare collector. There are four main types of Vases with the Shadowed variety being the rarer of the collection. The Vases are one of the few true server birth items. After speaking with many of the owners across a few shards, I do believe that the Large Beige & Shadowed Vases spawned in the Eastern Part of Britannia in Felucca. Just like a monthly spawn, the Vase could simply be picked up from one of the Large Beige Vases in this picture. Their is a chance that on certain shards this still a spawn especially when the UO Servers crash hard and are not going down on a scheduled maintenance reboot. To be safe, I would check both the Large Beige Vases and the Large Shadowed Vases in the picture below.

Island Empty Jar used to Spawn on

The Large Beige Vase also had a monthly spawn which is why the Large Shadowed Vase is much more rare than the Beige Variety. The spawn location was in Hythloth 3rd Level. I was unable to get to the location alive anymore, but it was possible during the times when I could "Bard through Walls" as well as run and cast spells, but those are older days... About 1 year ago, but not on all shards, this room was filled with rocks. The spawn was blocked on Atlantic when this room was filled with rocks to prevent lag (this room would fill with monsters). There are teleporters where the Hell Hound and Chest spawned. One of the teleporters gets you into the room, the other is the way out. The entrance and exit of the teleporters takes you above this room and to the North. There you can continue down to Hythloth 4th level, or East to where the large Pentragrams on the floor are.

Island Empty Jar used to Spawn on


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