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Tarrot Cards Heading
Historical Spawn Heading

Tarrot Cards

When I was first told this spawn back in early 1999, I simply didn't believe it. The only reason I even tried this was because the person who told me the spawn location (for a certain amount of gold which was high at the time) had Tarot Cards in their possession. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time trying this before we ever got our first "success". This spawn may have stopped with such things as the kettle spawn (I know the kettles seemed to be completely shut off), but, since this is not exactly a monthly spawner, there is a chance that this is still truely working. I no longer have the time to spend trying things like this, but please, if anyone finds a set on any shard report it and I will post a follow up with 100% confirmation on this item. I found two Tarot card sets this way (on display on first floor of the northern museum), and hope this still works for all.

Road to Tarrot Card Spawn
Head South from Encylopedia Magika

Bookshelves Where Tarrot Cards Used to Spawn

Now for the tough part. The Tarot Cards will not spawn in the bookcases after you remove the books. If the bookcases are empty during the exact moment that the server save time goes down (thus it's not the time when the server actually shuts down, but the moment when the backup takes place for the server to go down, which unfortunately is always unknown) there is a good chance that the Tarot cards will spawn in one of the empty bookcases when the server goes up the following morning etc.

Thus, there are two variables. You have to keep clearing out the bookcases to make sure that during that unknown downtime save the bookcases are empty, and two, you have to hope that your shard is having a downtime (warptime) that night. You can see why I stopped trying for Tarot cards. At this point it takes far too much work and time to continue to attempt for them (not to mention I'm dead tired in work the next day). However, since this isn't exactly a "monthly spawner" I still do believe this should still work, although with fewer nights of warping these are even harder to get than before.


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