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Heading of Scattered Hay Spawn

Scattered Hay

Several people have been asking where the "heavy" or thick scattered hay spawns so I figured I would get a picture of it and post it so there will be no confusion. This picture was taken on Napa Valley but I have check several other shards and confirmed that it is there on Server Up. I am convinced that it is there on every shard but you have to be very fast to get it. I would say that this is only slightly easier to get than the Fruit Basket or the Buc rocks.
Many times I have gotten the hay and still had time to recall to the T2A Rock so it looks like people are going for the hay first. In the picture you will notice a tiny piece of bright yellow just below where the red arrow is pointing. This is the tiny piece of hay that you have to grab. Hope this helps someone. This is the "front" entrance to Khaldun. This is the Eastern entrance.
(Special Thanks to Teckla of Napa Valley for this Information)

Location of Spawning Hay

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