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Glcial Staff Heading

Glacial Staff

The Ice Staff can be found in both Felucca and Trammel. They spawn on Giant Ice Serpents with a frequency of approximately one (1) Ice Staff per thirty six (36) Giant Ice Serpents. I suggest that you search for them in the outside area of the Ice Dungeon in Trammel, that seems to be the safest area. The outsides deadliest creature is a snow elemental in comparison with the Ice Dungeon itself which has everything from Artic Ogre Lords to Ice Fiends. The Ice Staff makes a great Role Playing item or Decoration (it can be locked down), but it is easily stealable so be wary of strangers.


Update October 28, 2003: Since AOS Glacial Staves won't respond to their command words anymore. It seems OSI has removed this ability permanently.

Finally, the Ice Staff has two other powers, first when the magic words "In Corp Del" is uttered the target victim receives a damaging blow, but you loose all your mana. When the words "An Ex Del" is uttered, the target is paralyzed. Note: Although many have stated they feel the loss of full mana does not justify the use of the item (the mage is too weak to fight afterwards and does not deliver a death blow); however, please do consider the following scenario. It is UO Rares' opinion that if you have two mages with staves who simultaneously use the "In Corp Del" at the same time on one victim, that person almost always falls immediately. This usually allows the two mages to take down any single foe plus assist each other until mana is recharged.


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