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Full Jars

Full Jars

The Full Jars in the picture to the bewlo spawn near Occlo Bank. Just west of the bank is a building that says "a brass sign" with a lamppost out in front.

Building Full Jars Spawn Inside

Everytime there is a server restart, a set of Full Jars spawns in the location seen by the black arrow. On most shards, the space is wide open and the item can simply be picked up. However, some shards (like Atlantic, pictured to my right) has a oven blocking the spawn. The only way to retrieve such an item is through a 3rd party program which "deletes" the part of the oven so that the jars can be picked up. Do remember that using 3rd party programs is illegal, is not recommended, and could lead to banning of your account. Finally, this is a very popular spawn, if you do not get the jars in the first few minutes of the server up, chances are you've already lost them to someone.

Full Jar Spawning Area


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