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Frying Pan
Historical Spawn

Unfortunately most of the Pot, Pan and Kettle spawns are no longer available since the UO:R release. However, I will share with you those that I did know, even though they may no longer work. I would not check these consistantly, but I would check after new releases of lands (T2A, 3rd Dawn) and especially after major crashes of a shard. The picture to the right is in Covetous 1st Level. It is the corpser area towards the South West of the dungeon. The Frypan spawns here (used to be a monthly spawner). On the days of its spawn, the frypan you see on the ground would say "1 frypan" instead of "0 frypan". It is during this time that you can simply pick up the frypan and head off to the bank. The 0 Frypan would still remain as the frypan simply spawned on top of this item. The spawn rate was about once per 4-5 weeks when they used to "return to home" as a spawn.

April 12, 2003: There have been no confirmed spawns since UO:R. If you have any information about this spawn please post in the message boards.


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