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Fire Bombs

Fire Bomb Bottle

Firebombs were introduced sometime during the easter of 2003 as none other then an "easter egg". An easter egg is a feature which is mostly useless and is just a little something a developer puts in to spice things up. For instance the very small chance that a player casting an energy vortex will instead end up with a llama vortex (purple llama graphic) is an easter egg.

As with most new items players tried to sell fire bombs as rares. But word spread quickly and within a few days it was common knowledge what these items were and how to make them. Just take a regular oil cloth (which can be crafted by a tinkerer) and use it on a bottle of liquor to make a fire bomb. You can then double-click the fire bomb and toss it like an explosion potion. It creates a one tile fire field which lasts about 8 seconds. This fire field does damage like a normal fire field (and can get you guard whacked in trammel if you use it in town and a blue npc walks over it). If you hold the fire bomb in your hand while it explodes it does about 6-10 points damage (unarmored).

The following items can be made into firebombs. You need to fill them with liquor first, then use an oil cloth on them. They are: bottle of liquor, goblet, pewter mug, glass pitcher, and glasses.

Theoretically you could make anything into a fire bomb as long as it can hold liquor. But be careful trying this on valuable items, because these items will explode and be destroyed if double-clicked.


Fire Bomb Items


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