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Empty Jar
Historical Spawn Heading

Empty Jar

As many of you have pointed out, the Atlantic Museum has a large amount of Single Half Full Jars on display. The main reason for this was that the spawn, although in a strange place, was one of the few that was relatively safe and easy to check out. I picked up over 3 Half Full Single Jars and wish great luck for those who wish to hunt for them as well. To my left is a picture of Shame, 4th level. It is a small island in the Southern and Eastern corner of the lake in the bottom of Shame. The small jar would spawn two spaces infront of my feet, and "cradled" by the wooden crates there. You can simply pick up the item and head to the bank. The jar was not visible from the shoreline, thus, this spawn was usually even still available later into the day (unlike rocks, fruit baskets, etc). I have only found them in Felucca, but please note, I simply have never looked in Trammel either so they could possibly spawn there as well. The spawn rate was approximately one jar per 4-5 weeks.

Island Empty Jar used to Spawn on


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