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Daemon Armor Heading

Daemon Bone Armor Set

The Daemon armor can be found both in the Fire Dungeon and any surrounding areas where Efreeti reside. They look like a red Air Elemental but have a heat damaging effect on those near them. Beware when fighting these as they are very hard without a well armored healer for protection. They spawn on the Efreeti with the same frequency of the Ice Staves (about 1 per 36 Efreeti will yield a Daemon Armor piece). The Daemon armor pieces can be seen above in the picture, they include all the standard bone armor pieces except that they are in Red.

For a while after AOS white daemon bone armor spawned as well as the usual red. OSI fixed this in Publish 19. White daemon bone armor should become more valuable then it's red counterpart with time.

Daemon Armor Leggins, Arms, Chest, and Hands - 10,000 Gold

Daemon Armor Helm - 50,000 Gold



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