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Water Bucket Spawn Heading
Historical Spawn Heading
Full Water BucketEmpty Water Bucket

When it was discovered how to take barrels (fill them with water then empty them) people went and tried this on other things. This led to the craze over the water tubs. Even though about 50 tubs spawned each day people would pay as much as 10k for one. This further increased people's search for more items which could be taken in this mannor. One popular thing to try was kettles.

Evetually someone got lucky and discovered the bucket spawn. But either they didn't keep it a secret or people quickly found the source themselves. In a matter of days it was widely known where to get them and how. This went on for several months until OSI finally fixed it so the buckets would no longer take water (player owned buckets can still be filled and emptied though).

There used to be six bucket spawns per day: Three in Trammel and three in Felucca. Both of the spawns were at the same location, and were simply on different facets. The old spawning location was in the center of the hedge maze, in the animal corral outside the abandoned house. The Coordinates are 53o 57'S 13o 17'W.

Immediately at server up, buckets would spawn on the ground in the picture below. The exact location for the bucket spawns would vary a few tiles from shard to shard and could be picked up after filling them with water then refilling the picther from the bucket (if the bucket already had water you would empty it with a pitcher, refill it, then empty again). There was no need for a thief, nor was there any need for any special skills. Simply be the first person up and logged in, and then fill and empty the buckets as quick as you could.


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