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Blood Tiles Heading

Spawning Blood tile type 1Spawning Blood Tile type 2

July 28, 2003: Today I witnessed with my own eyes a camp spawn outside Wrong dungeon. My friend had already taken the 2 tiles and recalled to a different sub-server and logged out. Hopefully when he logs back in 8 hours from now he will still have the blood tiles in his backpack. The two blood tiles spawn next to each other under the floating table (where the red arrow is pointing).

Wrong Blood Tile Camp


May 13. 2003: It has been reported that blood tiles are still spawning in the Wrong dungeon area from a few people. There have been no reports of blood tiles spawning in the T2A area for a while now.

- We now have over 4 confirmed locations for the blood tile spawns. Three more locations are unconfirmed but more reports are coming in. I hope this helps all future rare collectors, and best of luck. To my knowledge this works on all shards - Xanthar of the Museum.

- Blood Tiles have perhaps the most variety of any Rare in existence. They are broken down into two types, the Spawning and non-spawning variety. The ones found in here should all be stable and can be locked down if you follow the rules that are set forth after you find the tiles. They will not disappear. The spawning blood tiles come from various places. The locations reported here are confirmed with 100% accuracy. There are reports of the blood tiles disappearing once they are locked down or once they are put in your backpack. We now have knowledge of what is causing this problem and how to avoid it. Once you get lucky enough to get a set of blood tiles, immediately go to the bank or logout that character at an inn. What apparently happens is that the blood tiles are considered part of the brigand camp, thus, if you have the tiles on you when the Evil Mage Altar disappears and resets, the tiles will disappear along with them. Even if you leave the area, and lock the items down, they will disappear when the camp/chests disappear. However, if you log the character out with them in the pack, or if you bank the items and wait at least eight hours, the blood tiles are then yours and can be locked down with 100% safety. We also suggest you cross the sub-server boundaries with your character - for example, take the character to Ice Isle or Fire Island, somewhere very far away off the existing server.

T2A Tower Spawn

The first spawn location for the blood tiles is very old spawn and very unknown - see above pic. I can assure you that this spawn still does exist, and that this is a confirmed spawn. This is perhaps the slowest spawn and is probably your LEAST best chance of getting blood tile(s). The reason I mention this is so that if you are running through T2A and come across a placed Tower, you know exactly what to do and what is inside. I have seen it happen right before my eyes, and only wish (it was the first time I saw it) that I had taken a screen shot of it.

In the lands of T2A Felucca (They may spawn in Trammel as well, but I spend most of my time in Felucca being an old player...) a strange tower spawns in the middle of nowhere. The location of "nowhere" is basically in two locations. The first location is the large open plains just east of Deluca bank in T2A as well as the areas against the Eastern Rock Edge (see pic below). For those of you who remember the old Nightmare spawns, this tower would spawn in many of the similar locations. The second location is the North West corner of the T2A map. It's a large oval shaped green area (just north in theory would be the western area outside ice dungeon with snow). If you were to continue south from this large oval shaped grassy area you would be heading towards the Titans and desert areas. In either of these locations, and 1-2 times per day, a strange tower simply appears out of thin air.

The appearance of this tower was very similar to the old movie Krull for those who remember it. The tower will appear just like a tower you would place for housing except for the fact that it will have an ANKH on the rooftop. Inside will spawn a typical orc spawn (1 Orc Lord, and 3 Orcs). This tower will only last for 10 Minutes, so enter it right away! Inside, the tower will be bare, but once you reach the rooftop, you will see that there are two blood tiles (Blood Tile, Spawning Type #1, and Type #2 pieces) lying in front of the Ankh. Grab them, escape (or kill the orcs) and bank your treasures. When the tower disappears, usually a piece or two of the ankh is left behind for a few minutes (it seems to have a few minutes more life than the tower), however, I have never been able to take those pieces off the ground, but encourage everyone to at least try.

The next spawn location is just outside the dungeon of Wrong. These are perhaps the easiest blood tiles to get, and I am now getting almost one email a day from joyous rare seekers in reference to them finding a blood tile. See the following pics for the general spawn locations outside of wrong, and special thanks to Raven of FoL (Forces of Light) for taking the time to make the pics for us:

Outside Wrong Dungeon
Just East off the Path from the Entrance of Wrong

Outside Wrong Dungeon
Just West off the Path from the Entrance of Wrong

Outside Passage to Wrong Dungeon
Through the mountain passage from Wrong, in the open Green Area

What will I see? What am I looking for? That can be best seen by the next location where we have a pic of the Evil Mage Camp that appears. This location is at one of the crossroads near brittain (not the official X-Roads) but one east of that located at 73`33'N and 54`29'E. Many people search the area near Wrong now, so if you can mark and make this area part of your "loop" you will greatly increase your chance of finding a blood tile. You will see an Evil Altar in the middle of the spawn. Just peaking underneath the altar will be two blood tiles, simply grab those tiles and off you go. Click on the image below for a large pic. This type of camp will be the same type you see at these crossroads, and the same type you will see at the Wrong Entrance locations above.

Evil Mage Camp Type Where Blood Tiles Spawn

Close Up of Blood Tiles Camp

One final note - After reading the numerous emails about the Blood tiles I think it is important to mention one thing. These spawns are not as easy as the brigand spawns. When the Brigands spawn, 3 Brigands and perhaps one archer spawn. However, when the Evil Mage Camp spawn (along with the blood tiles) they are four major mages. More than one email began with "...I was so happy to see the spawn, and I ran to the blood tiles....then I got hit with 3 flamestrikes and was dead..". Thus, all you Rare seekers out there, please make sure you have some Heal Potions, Invisibility Spells, Hiding, Friends or some good resist if you are out seeking for Blood tiles.

This Camp is Not the Type That Spawns Blood Tiles

The Above Picture Shows a View of the Spawn of Evil Mages in Trammel. This is NOT where you get blood tiles, but rather a newer spawn that OSI Added for enhanced viewing. The Blood tiles ONLY come from the Altar Spawns previously shown. You will not find any blood tiles at this camp.

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