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Orc Scenario

Some tribal masks
A mask of orcish kinAn evil orc helmA bola ballAn orcish bowA tribal spearA bola Savage kin paintA tribal berry        
Various new Orc Scenario Items  

A ridge back
"Ridge Back" - new mount from Orc Scenario

An Orcish Lord
An Orcish mage
The orcish mages and the orcish lords aren't new, but they are related to the quest ...

An orc scout
An orc chopper
An orc bomber
New Orc Creatures (or creatures related to the scenario)

A savage
A Savage (There are both Male and Female Varieties)

The Orc scenario is the first to come from the new system where we should be getting a scenario that lasts about one month, then a delay of another month before a new scenario starts. These scenarios are not seer run and are automated with the introduction of new items spawning on monster. The scenarios are permanent, and thus once items are in the game, they will be here to stay. The orc scenario has been the first in the line of many to come, but it is hard to say whether they will all be similar, with new monsters and spawning items, or whether they will all be different with new events happening every time. In this Orc scenario there has been the introduction of Orc Scouts, Orc Bombers, Orc Choppers and Savages.

The order of events was that the orcish mages started spawning these new masks - the masks of orcish kin, which allowed people to walk freely among the orcs without being targeted by them. Shortly after, it appeared that there were new orc camps outside of certain cities - Scara Brae and Minoc to my knowledge, although there were reports of other camps that I haven't investigated. With these new camps came "orc scouts" which used powerful archery weapons and healed themselves using a combination of teleporting, hiding and healing. On them they spawned the orcish bows...About a week later, the orcs started 'invading' the towns, and the story is that the guards were off defending other towns, and so places like Cove had orcs roaming about freely. With the 'invasions' came the orc choppers. These did not spawn any new item, but they did have the chance of spawning a random magic axe. They were pretty hard, and hit quite hard also but were definitely defeatable. After the choppers came the orc bombers, which threw bombs at you. They were red in colour and the bombs they threw looked like the little flasks of oil. They did a lot of damage but weren't invincible! They spawned bola balls which could be combined with leather to make the bola. After the bombers were introduced, a story arose that the orcs weren't invading the cities, they were in fact running away from something that was threatening them - the savages. These savages were armed with spears, and had a chance of giving a coloured tribal mask on their corpses. They are also immune to the guards, but were red to everyone else (that is, orcs, humans and humans wearing masks of orcish kin). Shortly after new savages were introduced (savage mages etc.) and a new item (the tribal spear) and a new mount (the ridge back) were both introduced with the savages. Also the savages changed location, although cities were still being attacked, there was a battle at the orc fort in T2A (which the savages won) and now its a savage fort.

New items from the orc scenario:

Spawns on:
Description of item:
A mask of orcish kin
mask of orcish kin

An Orcish mage
Orcish Mages


An orcish bow
An orcish bow
An orc scout
Orc Scouts

A strange item is this. It doesn't seem to help in the scenario in much of a way, like the mask and bow (as mentioned in the bow's description.) It adds an extra 10 strength to the wearer but also decreases either dexterity or intelligence by 10. It works this out by finding the highest of dexterity or intelligence and using that. So a user with 60 str, 50 dex and 30 int will have (after putting the helmet on) 70 str, 40 dex and 30 int. Similarly, a user with 60 str, 50 int and 30 dex will have (after putting the helmet on) 70 str, 40 int and 30 dex. I'm not wholly sure what happens if your intelligence and dexterity are the same. The spawn seems to be quite low, or at least lower than the masks of orcish kin and the orcish bows as I have tried killing many orcish lords and still have not got one.

a bola ball 

a bola

Orc Bombers

Savages (male)

Simply put, the bola is used to knock a player off of their mount. To make you must get 4 bola balls (which spawn on orc bombers) and 3 yards of leather, and you must be a "good tinkerer". The tinkering skill needed starts at around 80 or so, and you can make these with reasonable ease. It seems that you must dismount and disarm any items (including a spell book) before using this. Upon use it says "You begin to swing a bola..." and you get a targeting cursor. They are one use, and you can even fail to knock someone off of their mount. I'm guessing it's only a Felucca thing, but again I haven't tested bolas out so don't know if you become a criminal etc. Bola balls spawn quite frequently and seem to be on 50% of orc bombers' corpses. They also have a chance of spawning on the "male" savages, along with any tribal masks/masks of orcish kin. I do not know the worth of the bola balls or a bola, so if anyone knows get in touch. I'm guessing they have a lowish value due to spawning very frequently, and also they might not be successful - that is to say you can fail to knock someone off, and it will disappear as it is one use.

Various Tribal Masks

A savage

Tribal masks spawn on savages. The savages look like humans with the default "white" skin and bone amour. They are like brigands in the fact that they are red to everything (humans and orcs alike) except guards. They also have the typical brigand names, rather than "a savage". They do slightly more damage than an orcish lord, but sometimes miss, they also heal themselves regularly and do a lot of damage to pets. It can easily 6 hit kill a nightmare. An easy way to tell if they will have a mask on their corpse before killing them is that they will actually be wearing a mask. If you can see their faces then there will not be a mask on their corpse. You can safely attack the savages while wearing a mask of orcish kin, and actually it helps you by keeping the orcs off your back! The savages have a chance of spawning a coloured tribal mask, or a green mask of orcish kin, although the coloured tribal masks are more common.

a tribal berry

savage kin paints

A (female) savage

a tribal spear

Ridge Back Mount

A savage

Prices of the new items:


A mask of orcish kin:

A mask of orcish kin
Around 1,000 - 5,000 gold pieces now, although they started at around 300,000 - 500,000 gold pieces.

An orcish bow:

An orcish bow
Anything from 1,000 - 10,000 gold pieces due to the high spawn of the scouts, and the high number of bows on them. Similar to the masks of orcish kin, the orcish bows started at around 200,000 - 400,000 gold pieces.

An evil orc helm:

An evil orc helm
Due to their lower spawn, they are generally worth more. Like the masks they started up at about 500,000 gold pieces, but have since dropped to a more respectable 10,000 - 20,000 gold pieces.

A bola ball / a bola:

A bola ballA bola
Bola balls sell for around 500 gold pieces, with bolas selling for around 3,000 gold pieces.

A tribal mask (coloured):

A tribal mask (coloured)

These sell for around 500 gold pieces.

A ridge back:

A ridge back

These sell for around 10,000 - 20,000 gold pieces.


Credits and contact information:

Special thanks to Fred the Girl (Atlantic) for the pictures of the orcs and Jameth the Just (Atlantic)
Thanks as always to the UO Stratics news pages and Xena Dragons Efforts.
Finally, Special Thanks to our very own "Al of Atlantic" for gathering all the necessary information.
If you have any updates, please contact us using the Contact Form

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