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Juka Scenario Heading

Decorative Dragon Picture

Juka Scales
Various Dragon Scales

Swamp Dragons
A Rider on his Swamp Dragon

- You loose Karma for Killing a Swamp Dragon
- You can tame and ride a swamp dragon with 95.1 Taming
- You can mount & order a tamed Swamp Dragon with 0 Taming and 0 Lore

This is what we know so far.....

Chaos dragoons ride the new swamp dragons, kill the chaos dragoon and you can tame the swamp dragon. The dragons eat raw meat but are not great fighters, they have some melee but no magic. In comparison, they are not as good at melee as a frenzied ostard but better then a normal ostard. They cannot hold up against a Dragon in battle very long at all.

Swamp Dragons are Not Very Strong

The spawning Juka are: Juka Lords, Juka mages, Juka warriors, and Chaos Dragoons.

Loot on the monsters are as follows:

The mages have reagents, one gem, and around 250 gold.
The mages also yield a lot of fame and karma even at lord/lady levels.

The warriors have one gem one used weapon (not magical like orphidians) and around 160 gold.

The chaos dragoons have one scale (color varies) two gems, a shirt and around 200 gold.

The Lords have the highest treasure on them with a chance of a magical item.
The Lords alwasy have a Juka Bow on them.
- note: You need a fletcher to make the bow usuable by humans
The Lords also yield a lot of fame and karma even at lord/lady levels.

Spawn Information

Scales are loot on certain monsters:
Red dragons/drakes have red scales
Brown dragons/drakes have yellow scales
Swamp dragons have green scales
White wyrms have white scales
Sea serpents have blue scales
Shadow wyrms have black scales

- Click on the Spawn Image Below for more Information on Scales
This has been tested in Trammel, Felucca and Illshenar

Scales Information

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