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Atlantic Wax Candle and Pot of Wax
This location of Rares is located at 62`45'N by 36`4'W on the Felucca Facet, Atlantic Shard

Updated by JC on May 12, 2003:
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Conner McCrimmon mayor of LOA village before the weekend. We went over many things including the creation of the Pot of Wax and Wax Candle (on the Atlantic shard). Apparently Conner was awarded the Wax Candle by a GM who thought his role playing was extemporary back in spring of 1998. It just appeared in his backpack with a special message telling him it was placed there.

The Pot of Wax was acquired by Indur of LOA. Details about how this item was acquired are forthcoming.

UBB House

Xanther- I had the honor to speak with the Shardmaster of UBB (United Blacksmiths of Britannia, picture above). Laren spoke of tales of old, and some of the good old days. He pointed towards possibly two unique items on this shard, a white unlit candle in the northwest corner of the building and a pot of wax in the northeast corner. The origin of the candle is unknown, but it is similar to those found in the famous Star Chamber. The "Pot of Wax" was a gift from the gods themselves during a quest. Best luck to Laren and his shop (it had every armor type and piece you could desire for sale in it).

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