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Summer Palace Museum

The Summer Palace Museum is located at Coordinates 27o 35'N
41o 24'E in Malas, being the second building on the right just after you cross the west bridge leaving Umbras on the Luna Highway.

The Summer Palace, while a Museum in the practical sense of the word, is also an educational experience targeted at the New Player. For them, a visit to the Museum can mean learning how an Interior Decorator's Tool works to the story behind Holiday Gifts from a historic and contemporary perspective.

Summer Palace Museum

The Summer Palace exists to serve the shard and the players, holds regular workshops, has a constantly changing exhibit collection, and is a permanant feature for LA Shard.

Summer Palace Museum

The Museum was previously partially housed in the Clan MacLeod Guildhouse from the birth of LA until the day of the AOS Launch. On launch day, the Museum President, Willow MacLeod, was all set and ready, having pre-selected the target location, and being one of the several dozen folks who got her software early by a freak chance, laid down the foundation for the museum, as well as those on either side only 4 minutes after the shard came up under AOS, and the sight has been the Summer Palace ever since!

Summer Palace Museum

While many people actvely support the museum, Willow MacLeod is the most significant, it being through her efforts that the bulk of the collection was assembled. In addition, Captain Sophia Aubrey, BRN, BRG has been invaluable as a cross-shard trader for gift collections, The noted Thief and Doom Streaker Flint also deserves kudos, but if it were not for Starchild, Belshazzar, Bubbles, Rose, and the folks on the Lake Austin Forum.

Summer Palace Museum

The Museum holds New Player Rares Hunting Classes each month, where it instructs Newbs on where to find rares and how to obtain them. Watch the LA Forums and News for dates.

Summer Palace Museum

The Shroud of Shadows in the Museum Collection is confirmed as the first ever spawned on LA Shard, and Willow was the first player to log on AOS and enter the new lands. The Summer Palace was the second house building lot placed in Malas, the first beat it by 25 seconds. The Necklace of Fortuity in the exhibit (see illustration) was the first to go on display, and is one of a pair owned by the museum. The Museum owns a Bushel, a very rare item because it spawns in a location that is player controlled, and the players who control it are not grabbing them every day, but are allowing them to remain untaken to control the value. The Museum received a donation of 100 Bushels, and sells them on the vendors to raise funds (as was the purpose of the donation).

Summer Palace Museum

We hope you will stop by an visit us!

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