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Siege Perilous Historical Center
(Siege Perilous)

Owner: Crazy Joe
Facet: Felucca
Coord: 18o 48"N by 0o 46"W

The is the Siege Perilous Historical Center, not actually the Item-based Museum you may be looking for, but a Museum of Siege Perilous History. In the back room on the first floor are runes to various parts of the land, with books describing what is so unique about the areas. For Example, the Battle of Trinsic was almost lost on Siege Perilous - they city has visual damage all over it, and there is a dungeon under Trinsic. Second, the city of Serpents Hold has catapults and stone columns scattered around. A mysterious Island in the middle of the sea, a Gladiator Arena near Wrong, and an old Seer's Necklace are a few of the other things. The runes and books are about done, and I'm hiring a decorator to come in this month to make the rest of the house look a bit more Museumish. If you ever wish to stop by and take a tour of the places, just contact me as on Siege - Recall doesn't work - and Gate Portal is the only way to go see these sights (or alot of traveling).

-- Crazy Joe

Siege Historical Center

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