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Darkness Falls Museum

The Darkness Falls Museum is located at Coordinates 41o 13'N 58o 54'E in Felucca, just outside of cove.

Monique De'Moon writes: I have been collecting what I can find for a few months now. Its a smaller museum but I am hoping that after I find a bigger place I can get and put out more valuable rares. I buy ~ANY~ rare I can find at auction and can afford. Things that were junk yesterday are now priceless treasures. There are not just regular rares either; I collect semi rares and items you can only steal from vendors. You never know when they will no longer stop spawning! Anyone is welcome to come in and look around, just message me first to get access to everything. Since it ~IS~ In fel one can not be too careful. there are NO pks around here and its right outside of cove. If the fel nightlife is getting to you you may walk to cove and relax in the guard zone =)

Darkness Falls Museum

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