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Silver Steed

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- This is the Rare Silver Steed Horse. These were to be put into the Good/Evil System and basically were to be a Paladin's War Horse. They did exist and were available for a short time when they spawned the same way Nightmares did in the T2A Plains. They act just like Nightmares and breath fire. OSI used the same Nightmare code and simply altered the color scheme to give them a white hue.

- Finally, many people claim "GM's DELETE these on site!"....and everyone had a friend of a friend who was riding one and it disappeared right in front of them. All this simply isn't true. Do the they disappear in game? Yes. Are they being deleted by a GM? Usually No. The truth of the "Whitemares" is that they are on timers (exactly as a Paladins War Horse was in AD&D), after a certain amount of time (24 hours? 48 hours?) they simply disappear. This explains why many people who were riding their Silver Steeds in the middle of nowhere when they would disappear. Or why "I rode it for weeks, and then one day it town in vanished" - the timers simply expired and the horse disappeared. The value of such a beast I have seen vary from 5-10 million gold. If used sparingly, (taken out a few minutes at a time), the steed could almost last forever. For example, if the timer is 48 hours, and you only take him out for events for 10-15 minutes of game time a session, that gives you at least 192 uses.

-Update October 28, 2003: GMs will delete Silver Steeds on sight. They have been deemed illegal to own by OSI.

- Special Thanks to Ilta Kauhu of the Napa Shard for these Images.


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