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Winter Holiday 1999

By now it was a given that OSI would give out gifts for the holiday season. This is considered the best year for holiday gifts. Probably because of the introduction of potted plants and clothing bless deeds. This was also the first year there was wide spread cross shard trading for gifts. People would go on other shards they did not play and give gifts to players there. You would then hope the player would be as kind to login to your shard and give you the same amount of gifts.


Holiday 1999
Holiday Prize Ticket
Holiday Prize Ticket

50,000 Gold

This year OSI didn't give the prize tickets numbers. In fact you didn't even need another player, you simply double-clicked the ticket to get the gift gump.

Clothing Bless Deed
Clothing Bless Deed

200,000 Gold

This item steadily rose in value over the years until it hit over a million gold on most shards. But with tweek to the tailoring BOD system clothing bless deeds have become much more common. There is no known way to tell an original clothing bless deed from a BOD one.

Deed for a Holiday Tree
Holiday Tree

10,000-30,000 Gold

With the facet split there was a problem with holiday trees displaying their leaves in Felucca. OSI eventually made it so you could select between two types of trees. To this day the (original) classic type still doesn't display it's leaves in felucca.

Deed for a Potted Plant
Potted Plant Deed

500,000-1 Million Gold

Double-clicking the deed would give you a random plant out of 5 types. While the deed is blessed the plants are not. The deed has ended up become worth more then the plants.

Holiday Timepiece
Holiday Timepiece

25,000 Gold

This item has lost value due to it being given out again during the 2002 holiday season.

Pile of Snow
Pile of Snow

10,000-30,000 Gold

This item has been given out every year since it made it's debut in 1999. It is very popular during the holidays, especially at banks where players like to find people to throw snow at each other. Like the christmas tree it rises in value right before the holidays.



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