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The Braziers:

The Flaming Brazier
(two per shard)

25 Million Gold

-Came from Sage Humbolt's Funeral - They produce a large flame (like those in Deceit Bone Magi room) when clicked upon. During the Funeral, the items flanked the wise Sages Coffin. However, after the funeral the items (depending on shard) were either given away, destroyed or stolen by thieves.


- The Braziers used to be common place loot on Earth Elementals in the Dungeon Shame. Many of the old players will remember throwing out tons of these items as they did nothing but overweigh us. If we knew then what we know now! Everyone threw them away, and if you would run through the bottom levels of Shame you would see between 10-20 of "bags of statues" and "bag of braziers"


1 Million Gold

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- Many of the Braziers had magical capabilities, thus when you click on it, a certain spell would occur. This would range from a Curse or Bless, to a Greater Heal. Some Braziers in dungeons can still be clicked and will give effects to this day.

Standing Brazier
Tall Brazier
15 Million Gold
Brazier on Stand
8 Million Gold
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