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Special Clothing & Armors


Black Sandals   Leprechaun Clothing   Phoenix Armour   Ranger Armour   Santa Gloves  
Specialty clothing and armor


"Out of the Ashes, a Phoenix is Reborn"

Specialty clothing and armor pricing and descriptions:

Picture of item:
Description of item:
Black sandals

NPC jeweler shopkeepers' corpses
Black Sandals
Leprechaun clothing set

Leprechauns' corpses
Leprechaun clothes
Phoenix Armour Set
Ranger Armor

Newbie gifts

Upon entering Britannia for the first time each character received half a special gift coupon. The person had to find another new player with which to exchange their coupon so that the two could be combined to give each person a gift. The choices were (at the time I entered Britannia for the first time):
Around Christmas 2000 a special offer was given by OSI. Free accounts were given out for those with an account already and so the gifts were changed. I am not sure whether they were taken out or just changed or whether they will ever be implemented again since they were taken out.

Ranger armor is just studded leather armor dyed green and gave no special benefits. Nowadays with leather dye tubs the same color can be made, but unlike the leprechaun suit these items can retain value as they have the description "a ranger tunic" etc. when clicked on.

Ranger Arms, Gorget, or Gloves - 35,000 gold pieces
Ranger Legs - 45,000 gold pieces
Ranger Tunic - 50,000 gold pieces

Total Ranger Set - 200,000 gold pieces

Santa gloves

Santa corpses
(Seer Played)

Santa Tunic

"Chief Santa" corpses

These were obtained during Christmas 1998 when the "Chief" Santa's who were played by Seers had taken over some of the Dungeons. The Chief Santas were wearing a Red Chainmail Tunics along with Santa Gloves. Only the lead Santa had the Tunic as compared to all the Santa's whom had gloves. The Santa Tunic is today considered one of the truly rare items as there are no ingot colors that are close to red, and armor cannot be dyed. The Tunic says "Chainmail Tunic" when clicked upon. The above image is a good example of a Seer Run Santa (although the image above is not from the 1998 Christmas Days which is why the 'Santa' has purple text, it's a modern Seer run Santa). However, the Santa from Christmas 1998 looked exactly like this Santa except that instead of the Red Cloth Tunic, he would be wearing the Red Santa Chainmail Tunic.

Value: 15 Million Gold Pieces

The Evil Lord Aries wearing a full set of Phoenix Armor (above)

Phoenix Armour

The Glorious Vix of Tradespot (below) in her coveted Phoenix Armor


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